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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Quiet Christmas...

It's almost 5 AM and I've been up since about 3:30 AM. Sidney was prancing around on the hardwood floors and as funny as it sounds, it's like an alarm clock to me. So, here I am, all is silent, except for the snoring of my husband. This has been a very quiet Christmas this year, and that's ok. With three of the four living out of state, it's hard to get together. It's just another facet of my life with grown up kids, we have to celebrate when we can, and last week we spent Christmas with Marc, Katie, Joshua & Abby. What a great time we had with them.

We took the kids to Applebee's for lunch and after lunch we opened gifts. We received a beautiful picture album from them and a wonderful cinnamon scented candle. We gave Marc & Katie money. They need it with two growing children, and just maybe they'll use some of it for themselves. Joshua & Abby were so excited as they opened their gifts and I got some fantastic pictures. Once the gifts were opened, the carbs I ate at lunch started to kick in, and I wanted to get some fresh air. Grand Haven had about 3 inches of snow on the ground, so Joshua, Abby, Katie, Grandma & Grandpa went outside to play. I'd forgotten how heavy a four and two year old are on a sled! But guess what, I had a great time pulling them and throwing snowballs and just having fun! Grandpa and Katie did most of the pulling, but I did my share. Whew, that's hard work! No wonder we have kids when we're young! It was fun and it was a wonderful day.

So, now I sit, trying to figure out my next project. it's 0510... guess I have to get going on something. But, first, I want to record what I did on Christmas. Randy and I didn't buy each other presents this year...or so I thought! I woke up to a huge present under the tree, and guess what? It was a new flat screen monitor for my computer. Wow! It is nice. I've been thrilled with the clarity of words and pictures on it. I guess it's for both of us, but, it is really more for me. Randy does this to me. We decide not to get anything, then he surprises me. He's such a sweet guy. So, most of the day, I played with my computer, then I started to work on sorting some of my old photo. I'm still looking for Ben's 1st birthday baby pictures. I haven't found them, yet. It's so frustrating! I can't finish his first year book until I find those pictures! I did finish my Arizona vacation scrapbook yesterday. All it needed was my journaling, a few titles, and a couple of "do-dads" to make it complete. I also finished the title page for my 2008 scrapbook. I was procrastinating on that one, and I don't know why!

So, since I can't make any noise by going upstairs to search for photos, I guess I'll upload some of my favorites from 2009, so I can add them to an album. It's so nice to have the Scrap Attacks each month! I've got my pages done for 2009 and all I have to do is add my photos. Well, I think that's what I'm going to do now, but, before I do, I want to post some photos here. Enjoy!

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