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Sunday, January 10, 2010


I love this triangle tri-fold card. It is easy to make and has a wonderful "WOW" factor associated with it. Would this make a nice card to send to one of your friends?

As you can see, there is a nice place to write a sweet note to your friend.

Have you ever wondered how to make friends and to keep them? Well, over the years (and I mean many) I have developed a strategy to maintain my friendships. It can be very difficult because we are so busy, but it can be done.

1. One of the most important things to do is to be honest and truthful about all things. A friend should be someone who knows you inside and out, and accepts you for who you are. That kind of friendship takes years to develop and you must work at it!

2. In order to know your friend well, you must spend time with them, hence, stamping! Or spend time doing something you and your friend like to do. For instance, I have a wonderful friend who helps me to maintain my relationship with God. She is deliberate in her own relationship with God, and she helps me to be the same. We pray together and attend bible classes together. She also likes to stamp!

3. Friends must communicate, and it shouldn't be a one way conversation. I learned this the hard way. I'm not a phone person. I like to write and I'm pretty quiet outside of my working environment. I get focused on a subject and forget anyone is around or needs my attention. Well, I hurt my friend because I never called her outside of work. Her communication style is the phone. Mine is writing. So, I had to adapt my communication style to meet her needs. Once, I figured that out our friendship grew.

4. Speaking of communication, it's important to listen. Sometimes you're the sounding board for an issue. You don't always have to solve your friends problems, although, that's what most of us want to do. Listening is an art. Your friend is talking, but she/he is using more than words as the base for conversation. She/he is also using body language, facial expressions, intonation, speed of speech, emphasis on words and hand gestures. Look at the whole picture when your friend is talking. You might see pain, love, happiness, sadness, anxiety, worry, or any other emotion you can think of.

5. Lastly, support your friend in their decisions. My friend has supported me through some of the toughest times of my life. She did this, not by solving my problems, but by just being there. Being there is, just that, "being there". Holding my a hug...or giving me a knowing "look" across the room.

Well, I hope some of these ideas are helpful, and I hope you develop a special friendship with someone. And speaking of friendship, I want to share with you a card that we'll be making at stamp camp this month. I posted one previously, but I want to post another to whet your appetite. It is all about "love & friends" because we're getting ready for the month of love, that is, Valentine's Day. The card is made with the new Stampin' Up! glitter designer series paper called "Sending Love Specialty" and Hello Again stamp set. It is so pretty!

Well, I hope you can come to stamp camp to make this card and to make lasting friendships! I can't wait to meet you, so, "come on over and have a stampin' good time!"


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