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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow Much!

Randy snowblowing the back yard!

Sidney's not sure of what Randy is doing, and she's staying safe near the deck.

Sidney finally cooperated so I could get a picture of her...doesn't she look pretty? She just got groomed on New Year's Eve.

My snowMAN! Ain't he cute!

It's so beautiful outside! We got about 15 inches of snow yesterday and it's still snowing today. We're supposed to get at least 3-6 inches more today. It's that fluffy lake effect snow that's so beautiful. I love the cozy feeling of winter. I'm just glad this snow came when I didn't have to get out to work at 0630 in the morning. As I write this, I'm enjoying the winter birds coming to my feeder. I've seen many cardinals all with their feathers fluffed up against the cold. It's only 17 degrees out, and they really need to keep warm. We also have suet hanging for them, and I've seen some Downy Woodpeckers enjoying it this morning. The birds are so interesting to watch and it's really fun in the winter because they really stand out in the snow. I love the birds! Wish I could hold one!

I think I'm going to work on some more scrapbook pages today. I've finished 12 pages during this long weekend. I have almost all the holiday pictures done. I still have to pick up the New Year's Eve pictures to work on, but in the mean time I'll work on the 2009 pictures. I'm thinking about birds this morning, and it would be nice to incorporate them into my scrapbook pages. I also need to do a page on resolutions, yet and I could include a bird theme into it. It'll be fun working on them today--I can't wait!

Randy is getting ready to blow snow guess what...? I'm sitting here at the computer like a queen in her'm not going out there today, but I did yesterday and shoveled for awhile. Today my back hurts, so, I guess I did a little too much. I'm spoiled by the greatest man on earth!

Well, I better get to scrapping or I won't get anything done! Enjoy the pictures from our yard...and I hope that you're in a warm place while you read this.


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Stampingwithsusan said...

Wow! 15 inches! As much as I liked being on the Sunset Coast, I do not miss all of the snow!