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Saturday, March 13, 2010

1st Day of our trip

Well, I'm sitting here in the hotel, trying to recapture the day. I can't sleep. Randy's snoring like a "choo, choo train" and I have to let him get it out of his system before I try to go to sleep again.

We got a late start this morning because Randy and I both worked late on Friday. Instead of trying to get everything packed on Friday night by myself, after an exhausting day, I decided to wait until this morning to pack. So, we didn't hit the road until about 0845. It was just drizzling when we left, but as we traveled south, the rain became steady. It was a gray and rainy day until we got about 50 miles north of Nashville. We were tired and it was close to 1700 so we started making plans to find a hotel in Murfreesboro. The rain stayed away so we could walk to the Cracker Barrel down the road from the hotel. It felt good to stretch and get out for awhile.

I love our road trips. We enjoy each others company and we chat early on in the trip, then fall into a comfortable silence and just enjoy the scenary. We don't need to talk, I guess because we don't have to fill the silence with idle chatter, not like my Mom or his Mom used to do. We used to comment on that through the years, when both Mom's were alive. It seemed as if that generation felt it was "rude" not to talk. There never was a lull in conversation, and I remember when I was a teenager how I actually could answer questions that my Mom asked me, but then never remember that I did. Do you think that was selective hearing on my part? Probably. It's funny how pieces of your childhood seep into your memory at different times. I wonder if it annoyed my Mom when I did that...I think it did...but as a teen I didn't really care if I annoyed her. Now, it would be different. I wish my Mom and Randy's Mom were still here. I miss my Mom when I hear someone speaking Czech, and I wish I could somehow connect with them...if not by language...but maybe by learning what it's like living in another country. One of these days I would like to go there and find out what my Mom's country is like.

Well, the "choo, choo train" has gotten to the "end of the line" and finally is quiet, so, I guess I'll try to go to sleep again. Tomorrow is another day of travel. We should get to Heather and Don's by suppertime. I can't wait to see them and their new place.

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